I am a videographer & Editor

And I love telling stories that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

During the last years I have been working on several video projects such as Promotional videosUser Stories, and TV Commercials . I'm always looking for an inspiring story that I can tell with beautiful images. I also love the process of editing and seeing how everything comes together - the story, the visual, the sound - to create one aspiring piece of art. 



I love to do promotional work like music videos, image videos, short films, etc. My ambition is to tell your story through my eyes, and if you find yourself fully reflected in it at the end, I couldn't be happier.


It's about the people's stories. Everyone has something interesting to tell, and with this video format they get the stage to do and share it with others. Authenticity and inspiring others, that's what it's all about.


I've done a hand full of TV commercials for the German speaking market and the Western European market. Getting a strong message out in only 20s is the most fun and challenging part.

New Vids on the blog

I went to the New York Film Academy to attend a Filmmaking class. For the final film we were given the task to write a story, find music and actors and get everything done in basically no time. This is my final film, a love story told alongside the song "Rory" by Foxing. Enjoy!